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28 Sep, 2007

Cantec pentru sanatatea Silviei

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Azi in timp ce eram cu capul in nisip ca strutul dar din alte motive, in timp ce mormaiam dupa o cafea pe mica mea insula cu povesti nemuritoare, in timp ce cuvintele dadeau cu mine de pamant sau invers, niciodata nu mi-am dat seama de diferenta, am dat peste aceste versuri:

” You don’t care what waves have to tell
They could drive you away
You want to smile with them
You got nothing to lose
You feel so alive
Cold water on your feet
Just washing out mistakes
In times of need
Come, please, dance me to the end of trouble’s coil
Wet my lips with shining sand and wishful speech.
Catch me, catch me if you can, along the shore
On the water front, we are wed by the sea ”

Klimt 1918, formatie pe care de altfel o recomand.

E asa de bine cand intr-o zi in care cuvintele fug de tine ca dracul de tamaie dai peste alte cuvinte ale altor oameni, alte idei, alte strigate, alte mari, alte stari. Alte.

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